Uncle Sy Barry('43) "The greatest of "Phantom" artists"!

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Alumnus Harvey Barry (’67) shares family memories on Facebook of his inspirational Uncle Sy Barry (’43):

Sy Barry "the Phantom"My uncle Sy Barry (accepted to the School of Industrial Art in 1943) is, in the eyes of many, the greatest of “Phantom” artists. He is certainly the yardstick by which subsequent Phantom artists are judged. Owning an original Sy Barry Phantom drawing or comic page is, one would suspect, an ambition of any serious Phantom collector.

Good news! Sy has a website which is focused on selling some of his original artwork on a limited basis. Items include artwork going back to the 1960’s.

It was Uncle Sy and Uncle Dan (famous for the comic strip Flash Gordon) who inspired my brother Rick (A&D Class of ’65) and me (A&D Class of ’67) to try our hands at art. Rick is a professor at Pratt’s Brooklyn campus. I run a one-man graphic design business from my home in New Jersey.

Website : sybarry.com




Sy Barry the Phantom



Sy Barry the Phantom

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