A Tribute to SIA/A&D Veterans (1980s-Present)--continued

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A Tribute to SIA/A&D Veterans (1980s-Present)

When I graduated from Art and Design in 1980, it seemed like a good portion of my male classmates “disappeared.” Well, not quite. Years later, I was told during our 30th year class reunion in 2010 they literary had to report to boot camp the next day after graduation. Though the United States was no longer in an “active war” during the 1980s, still many of our classmate veterans faced hostile situations abroad prior to the Gulf War. Thomas Michael Tracy was a young marine in Beruit when terrorist blew up the marine barracks.


Nelson Narvaez
Class of 1980

Henry Ortega
Class of 1980


Wayne Truhart
Class of 1980
Photographer for
Joint Forces Command

Patrick Lewis
Class of 1985
Operational Specialist
USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier

Edward Lora
Class of 1988

Gulf War (1990-1991)



Our recently retired career military servicemen.



From one of many tribute to Colonel Rivera. “My wife and I are are very appreciative that you and our sons crossed paths serving in the Reserves. They always had high respect for you and it rubbed off on this Old Marine. I could see that you were a fine Officer, had Great Integrity and was a fabulous leader. I would have been proud to have served with you myself.”–Sam Otto


How about a father and son tag team?

Afghanistan & Iraq War (2001-Present)

Finally, we’re honored that among our classmate veterans we have a Bronze Star Medal recipient.

CPT Quiles had numerous deployments in various locations like Kosovo, Sarejevo, Macedonia, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. During his deployment to Afghanistan, CPT Quiles was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. CPT Quiles has obtained an undergraduate degree in Information Technology and a Masters Degree in Education during his time in the military. Captain Quiles obtained his commission as a Signal Officer.


We thank all classmate veterans for their service to our country.

No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation
— General Douglas MacArthur







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