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Minjin Kung is an artist, mother and wife based in Hudson Valley, NY.  She received her BFA in Graphic Design at Pratt Institute with additional studies at the Art Students League.  Her formal training started from the High School of Art and Design in New York City under Irwin Greenberg and Max Ginsburg who are known as America’s foremost illustrators and painters.


Minjin had run Doda Art Center in Queens successfully as owner/director for more than 10 years.  Recently one of Minjin’s painting “Afternoon at Village of Monroe” was selected as an official town postcard of Village of Monroe, NY.

Kung_Minjin02_aHow did your years at Art & Design HS inspire your creativity?

How can I sum up in few words, how A&D inspired me? Though it was only three years in high school, A&D had a big affect on my life. I met a lot of good teachers and mentors that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The foundation of the A&D curriculum was wide and broad, which helped me in running and teaching at my studio and workshop for many years. When I think of my two favorite teachers Mr. Ginsburg and Mr. Greenberg, I am reminded that it is never too late to start painting again. I’m very thankful to A&D for starting me on my lifelong journey in the arts.

Artist Statement

Now at 50’s, this is a new chapter in my life that I would like to Kung_Minjin03_afocus on me and my art, creating and transcribing the world as I see it, making myself and others happy. I want to step forward and expand my vision; from my first painting to the last, my art has continued to grow and evolve.

I paint what I see: my town, my family, small snippets of my life. I paint what I want to see: places I have never been and places I would like to go, scenes, still life and arrangements that call to me to be brought to life. New materials, new environments, old masterpieces and faces of loved ones and strangers are all inspiration. My art is an appreciation of life, imagination, and a celebration of who and what I am: Korean, American, Christian, woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter, artist, nature lover, caregiver, and more.

For more information on Minjin Kung’s please visit her web site.