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    Section 1. Name
The name of the organization shall be the Art and Design Alumni Association, Inc. (A&DAA), hereinafter referred to as “the Association.”
    Section 2. Purpose
The Association, organized under the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York, shall have for its purposes:

(a) to raise funds, by dues, contributions, events and otherwise, in order to support those activities which result in the furtherance of items (a) through (d) above;
(b) to maintain the relationship of alumni to the School and to each other through written and other communications, and social, academic and professional or networking events;
(c) to render aid and cooperation to the School in order to facilitate academic and extracurricular programs and other student activities;

(d) to offer advice, counsel and information to the undergraduate body about matters of interest to such students in relation to their present studies or future careers;
(e) to award scholarships and other grants to deserving and underserved students of The High School of Art and Design (“the School”), in the city of New York scholarships or grants in aid to further their education and training at any accredited college or university.