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Art & Design Alumni Association
leadership for 2013-2014.

Meet our Board of Directors and Executive Committee! Our dedicated alumni will provide guidance and inspiration to shape the future of the Art and Design Alumni Association. We are very excited to have many new faces volunteer their time  and join the board. Please join us in welcoming Helen Vachicouras, an alumnus and faculty member of Art and Design, who has joined our ranks to help strengthen our bond with the school and its faculty. Congratulations to our new board members!

Board of Directors

Gail Allouf ‘69
George Alonso ‘80
Vilma Alvarez ‘80
Don Blauweiss ‘52
Michael Cheverino ‘71
Eric Domena ‘91
Jeanne Drevon ‘73
Yvonne Fitzner ‘60
Joel Gomez ‘80
Michael Kawochka ‘89
Richard Manigault ‘74
Gladys Martinez ‘71
Alexander Medwedew ‘71
Javaka Steptoe ‘89
Matthew Waldman ‘83


President: Edward Velandria (’80)
1st Vice President: Myrna Perez Fung (’80)
2nd Vice President: George Alonso (’80)
Secretary: Pamela Foca (’80)
Treasurer: Sally Lee (’80)
Faculty Rep: Helen Vachicouras (’80)

A special thank you to the former officers and committee members for their dedication and passion!