Alumni Art Show Thursday Aug 3rd 6pm to 8pm

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A&D Alumni show

Alumni Art Show Thursday Aug 3rd 6pm to 8pm

The High School of Art and Design
is pleased to bring together a collection of works spanning nearly five decades of lineage. Everyone in this exhibition is connected to the school’s rich 80+ year history of art making, rigor and experience.

The pieces in this show come from a diverse group of artists, who clearly have remained dedicated having left the temporary guidance offered at the school. Life post-high school can take many forms for a budding artist just leaving the nest, entering the world to become whatever life has in store. Others choose a more academic path, beginning fresh new careers in veterinary science, biomedicine, education or finance. Our graduates hold enormous potential, regardless of interest, talent or ambitions. They are not only great artists, but great thinkers.

Alumni are connected in very specific ways, just by virtue of coming from the same family. What may not be obvious is that some of the artists continue into their professional careers with the media they come to love in school. They dabble in watercolor and go on to become master watercolorists. They learn the basics of cartooning and go on to light up comics in a big way. This is particularly heartening to see that an impact so profound continues well into many years of professional art making.

The High School of Art and Design would like to thank the Alumni Association and President George Alonso for their continued support of our school’s mission and for embracing the rich history created here every day.

The Artists

Javier Agredo
Andrew Allen
Janine Anfuso-Ferranti
Anna Bida
Max Bounan
Élan Cadiz
Joan Chiverton (Pels)
Frieda Christofides
Clare Eunbi Cho
Janice Edelman-Lee
Paul David Elsen
Neil Feigeles
Kreg Franco
Susan Greenstein
Melissa Guachun
James Harrington
Dionisios Kavvadias
Pearl Lau
Rosa Loveszy
Deja Martyr
Darryl Moore
Ricky Mujica
Anna Niklova
Luis Recio
Devon Rodriguez
Anthony Rosado
Alec Turner
John Varriano
Richard Veloso

This show is dedicated to
Michael Cheverino,
beloved teacher and alumnus of the High School of Art & Design, class of 1971.

The Cheverino Family has asked that all donations be made to the Alumni Association in Michael’s name. If you would like to make a donation, please CLICK HERE, and in the comment box write “In memory of Michael J.Cheverino”.

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